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Changing up your dog’s food abruptly may cause stomach aches and health problems for your dog. Please pack dog food in individual Ziploc bags for each meal, and label them accordingly. We have a refrigerator, Microwave, Air fryer, and Freezer. Please fill out feeding schedules and instructions on the check-in sheet. You can also bring any preferred treats but nothing with rawhide.

If I forget my food what happens? We will feed our own food (Pro Plan) for a $7.00 per day.

Be sure your pet is current on all vaccinations for boarding, grooming, or daycare. This ensures a safe environment for other pups and your own. . We require three shots- Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper. Just please understand even with the Bordetella vaccine, your pet could still catch Kennel Cough. We are not responsible if they do. Also, please be aware that vaccines do not protect against all communicable illnesses. All pets must also be current on flea/tick medicine. If they bring fleas or ticks, we will use a Capstar treatment and a $15 fee.

You are welcome to bring your pets favorite bedding. It does provide them with a familiar scent of home. It also lets them know you are there with them throughout their stay. We also suggest bringing a shirt you’ve worn the day before, unwashed, so your pup has a part of you with them. We do provide thick comfy blankets and bedding. Please label what you bring. We are not responsible if it gets messed up or lost.

You are welcome to bring your favorite toy! We have plenty here, but if your dog loves a specific toy, feel free to pack it. If it is irreplaceable, we do not recommend bringing it in case it gets lost,

If your dog is on any medication, please advise the staff and write specific instructions on your information sheet. (One form of Medicine is administered daily at no additional charge. Additional meds are $3 extra per day)

When bringing your pet in, PLEASE make sure the collars are tight and secure. Many animals will panic when coming to a strange place, slip out of the collars and run. At Adorable Pets by Dena, we cannot tell you how many owners have had to chase their babies around the parking lot and Lithia Pinecrest rd because they slipped out of the collar. A Martingale collar or harness works best to ensure they do not slip out. Also, you are welcome to carry them in. They do not have to be on a leash but must be securely held. We can keep your collar and leash with your babies’ belongings so when you pick them up. We can have them on them and ready to go home.

All cats must be brought in by carrier.

What happens if my dog likes to lift his leg on everything?

It is common for even a neutered male to lift their leg to mark their territory. Even if they never do it at home it will happen in a new place. In these cases, we do have belly bands and will put them on during play time to keep your babies from marking all over our things and other dogs.

My female is is heat. Can I still board her?

Sorry we do not allow any females that are in heat to be boarded. They must be completely finished with their cycle.

When I look at pictures a see a color thing around my pets neck. What is that?

These are paper collars so we can identify who is who and what room they are in,.